Pam McKeen RN, Licensed Massage Therapist

During 17 years working as a nurse I frequently found myself offering massage to patients, coworkers, friends, and family and found it to be the most healing and nourishing treatment that I could provide. When I discovered the benefits of Structural Integration I began studying it intensively. I found it helped me move more freely, increased my body awareness, and improved my balance all of which augmented my practice of yoga and performance of dance. I felt taller and my posture not only improved but required less effort. I find that both Massage Therapy and Structural Integration are powerful ways to help people feel better and enjoy their active lifestyles.

My Massage Therapy training and Yoga Teacher Training were done at Kripalu Center. I completed my Structural Integration certification with Tom Myers and have been very actively continuing my SI education with other well known Rolfers including Til Luchau, Jon Martine, Liz Gaginni, Sharon Wheeler, and Erik Dalton.

My current passion is nerve mobilization, an SI technique that works to release nerves where they have become stuck and restrict movement. This work has captured my attention because it is so effective at restoring mobility. It is surprisingly gentle and relaxing. By releasing the restricted nerves from where they are stuck to surrounding tissue we allow the nervous system to relax and the muscles to stop guarding. The result is increased flexibility, joint mobility, ease of movement, stability, balance, and a feeling of calm.

My background also includes a BA in Biology from Ohio Wesleyan University and AD in Nursing from University of Maine, and diploma from the Chef Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in NYC. I have boundless interest in learning about the human body and exploring ways of helping people heal so my continuing education is plentiful.

My training includes:

1 KMI Structural Integration, certified 2008
2 Kripalu Massage Therapist, certified 2005
3 Kripalu Yoga Teacher, certified 2002
4 Neural Mobilization, with Jon Martine, Advanced Rolfer
5 Advanced training in spine and pelvis, with Til Luchau, Advanced Rolfer
6 Visceral Manipulation, Liz Gaginni, Advanced Rolfer
7 Chef, Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, NYC
8 Holistic Nutrition, Hawthorn University
10 Institute for Functional Medicine: Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice and Gut Health Modules
11 Functional Fitness: Perform Better
12 Frozen Shoulder, Sandy Burkart, PhD, PT
13 Clinical Flexibility, Tim Agnew
14 Neurosomatic Therapy, St. John-Clark: cervical spine, posturology, low back, shoulder
15 Myoskeletal Alignment and Advanced Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. Erik Dalton
16 Clinical Massage of Ankle, Knee and Hip. Bob King
17 Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy, Sean Riehl, Art Riggs
18 Orthopedic Massage, Whitney Lowe
19 Trigger Point Therapy
20 Reiki level 2
21 Positional Release Therapy, Lee Albert